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Enterprise Broadband Service

AccessTEL is the first to launch Broadband Internet Services in Bangladesh. The Internet is the ultimate communication tool to connect your business with the global market. A reliable internet connection opens the enormous window of opportunities in front of the businesses. As the businesses grow, broadband internet plays the most vital role to keep the profitability upwards.

AccessTEL believes that access to the Internet actively participates in building the core competence of your business among the competitors. So, we focus on delivering business-critical performance with high-speed and reliable internet connectivity. Our carrier-class, resilient network provides the customers with “Always on” connectivity.

AccessTEL has peered up with Tier-1 International and domestic service providers to provide its customers fastest access to the global network ensuring redundant connectivity. Customers can get high-speed, reliable and customizable bandwidth as per their requirement. Besides, AccessTEL’s highly skilled network team is ready to assist its customers throughout the service installation process.

Subscription to AccessTEL’s business internet service provides customers the access to a vast number of options to benefit from its hosted services as their business requires.

Service Features

Secure Robust Network

Our distributed and segmented network architecture enables the provisioning of secure & reliable services. For added security purposes, every customer connection is fully isolated from the rest of the network.

24x7 Support Services

Our round the clock Support Services team of engineers to assist customers starting from the service installation throughout the subscription tenure.

Last-Mile Access

Customer access to our Network is established via Active Fiber, Passive Fiber and/or Wireless technologies. Customer location, bandwidth & service requirements determine the technology used.

Reliable Bandwidth

High speed, Secure and Reliable Bandwidth: AccessTEL focuses on redefining your internet experience by delivering high-speed bandwidth with committed QoS parameters.

Data Sharing

Meet the increasing demand of Internet Access and Data Sharing: This is done by delivering high speed bandwidth across the organization.


Service Level Agreement with each service all our services are backed with well-defined service levels with different pricing. Customers can choose the best suitable one for their business among many options.